Creating a custom list

During an appointment (or in your own time), create Custom Lists of recommended styles to send to specific buyers. Add notes as tips or as a recap to the appointment, using the web app or our mobile app.

Note: See Mobile 4.0 overview for more details about creating, editing, and sharing Custom Lists from your iPad or iPhone.

Video tutorial

Check out the information in this article and the below video on creating Custom Lists.

Create lists

Open a Linesheet (ideal for appointments) or go to the Product Gallery and select a product's star icon to add it to a list. Choose products that the buyer shows interest in or products you think would be ideal for your buyer.

When prompted, search for a previously created list or select Create New List and enter a List Name. Name the list something you can easily reference. As a tip, some brands create different lists for each door and/or delivery.

Select the star icon for products.

Continue adding products to the list by selecting the star icon. If you’d like to switch the list, use the option at the bottom of the screen when adding an item.

Note: Check out Add products to linesheets and custom lists for more tips.

Switch the list.

Create as many Custom Lists as you’d like.

Note: You can also create a list by going to Custom Lists (from the left navigation menu) and selecting Create New.

Create a new list.

Edit lists

From the left navigation menu, go to Custom Lists and then select a list. If you didn't create the list, select the ellipsis icon and choose Clone as Custom List, so you can make changes.

Note: Check out Cloning linesheets and custom lists for more tips.

Select a list.

You can merchandise this list before sending it out as a recap post-meeting. Add products and separators to a list by selecting the plus icon in the lower-left corner.

Select the pencil icon to change the following settings: Description, Delivery, External Links, and Catalog Portrait Image.

Tip: Brands can take photos of what the retailer has either laid out or hung up on a rack during the appointment, and then upload them here as a recap.

Edit a list.

Select View Notes to add notes for each product.

Add notes.

If you’d like to share this recap with your retail buyers, select Send in the upper-right corner. Learn more with Sending a custom list.

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