Sending linesheets

Sending a Linesheet is similar to the process of sending a custom list. Either send the Linesheet directly through NuORDER or download and email it. With either option, go to Linesheets from the left navigation menu and then select your Linesheet.

Note: Haven't built your Linesheet yet? Check out Add products to linesheets and custom lists and Edit a linesheet.


The most effective way of sending Linesheets is through NuORDER’s Send function, because Campaigns let you see if the buyer has opened it.

From your Linesheet, select Send in the upper-right corner.

Send a Linesheet.

In the Send Linesheet screen, choose if you'd like to make this an EZ Order and if you'd like to include a PDF or XLSX file.

Set dates for the Expiration, Ship Start, and Ship End fields.

Add buyers in the NuORDER Contacts field. You can include contacts or Smart Groups. Add any other emails in the CC Emails field.

Add an Email Subject and a Message for recipients, then select one of the following: Send Me Test Email, Save Draft Campaign, or Send to your buyers.

Note: Learn more with Campaigns and smart groups overview.

Download and email

In your Linesheet, select Download. Select a File Format, choose the other options you'd like, and then select Download. Commonly brands choose to send a PDF and then select a PDF Template

You can then email the downloaded file to the buyer, notifying them that it's ready for them to review.

Download a Linesheet.

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