Uploading Your Product Images


Adding images is imperative to present your brand in the best light! Photos of your products are highly recommended. If you only have CADs or sketches, NuORDER will accept these as well. 

Images Overview

NuORDER will allow you to store up to four images for each product. A product is defined as each colorway of a style. Below is an example of how images will appear in the product details pane:


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Image Specifications

  • Supported image file types include JPG or PNG
  • Images must be a minimum of 500 x 500 px (pixels)
  • Optimize for web by following our recommended resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch)
  • Ideally, images should be compressed to the 100kb - 400kb (kilobytes) size range
  • Must save the images in the RGB color space

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Image Naming Convention

In order for images to successfully link to your products, you’ll want to establish an image naming convention. Each component of the image name correlates to fields in your product data.

We recommend that your image file name includes the following three components:

  • Style Number & Color - This enables the system to identify which unique product to choose.
  • Custom Suffix - This enables the system to identify the image position. For example, the hero position, or positions 2, 3, and 4.


You can set your own naming convention for your images in the settings section of NuORDER: (Settings> Brand Admin> Imagery & Media > Image Settings).

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Uploading Your Images

Once you have completed setting your naming convention, you can now upload your Product Images. To begin, navigate to the Imagery & Media section of Brand Admin: (Settings>Brand Admin>Imagery & Media>Product Images). 


You can drag and drop up to 28 images at a time. Just like Product Data, you will receive a confirmation for each upload. Remember to read the confirmation messaging carefully to ensure all of your images where uploaded. 

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Managing Unmatched Images

If for any reason some of your images did not match to a product, you can manually match the images from Image Management: (Settings> Brand Admin> Imagery & Media> Image Management). 


From this view, you can drag and drop images to the corresponding product.

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Confirming Your Image Upload

Now that you have completed your upload, navigate back to the Products view to see your products now have images. 


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Helpful Tips

  • The components of the image name must be separated by an underscore or hyphen so our system knows where the style number ends and the color begins.
  • If you have hyphens within your style numbers or colors, use underscores as your dividers. Vice versa, if the components contain underscores, then use hyphens.
  • The components must be an exact match to what is in the product data. Exact match refers to the spelling and spacing - it is not case sensitive.
  • If slashes exist in your style name or color, substitute space in the image file name.
  • To resize your images in bulk we recommend: Resize Sense (for Mac users), or Fast Stone Resizer (for PC users)
  • To rename your images in bulk we suggest: Name Changer (for Mac users)
  • If you have changed your image naming convention, be sure to reload your product data afterwards for the changes to take effect.

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Key Concept

Remember, consistency is key! The same image naming rules will apply to all images for all products. Meaning each image should utilize the same reference fields, set of custom suffixes, and component dividers.

If you have additional questions about how to prepare your product images, contact Heroes@nuorder.com.

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Up Next

Now that your products are loaded into NuORDER, you can now upload the data for your customers.




If you have any additional questions about uploading your images, please contact heroes@nuorder.com for assistance.

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