Managing Buyer Information

Since more business is going to be happening online during this time, it would be best to ensure that all of your buyer information is up to date. 

Checking your Buyer Data

This can be found under (Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Buyer Data > Download All Data).


Downloading your data will allow you to examine it for accuracy. Note that the contact in the Sales Rep 1 field will receive email notifications. 

From this same page, you can download Companies with no Buyer Data so you can identify where you are missing information. 


Check If Your Buyers Are Logging In

NuORDER has reporting available that will allow you to view if your buyer(s) have been logging in. You can find this  (Reporting > Customer > Buyer Activity Report).


From here, you can: 

  • Identify which buyers have never logged in and reach out to them
  • Identify which buyers have never placed an order and reach out to them
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