Web Update - February 2020

The February  release is available with new features requested brands to make common tasks more efficient, extend merchandising capabilities, 

Find and Act on Orders with Cancelled Styles


  • Find Orders with Cancelled Styles Easily: It’s now easier than ever to identify orders and accounts affected by canceled styles. Simply look for the teal dot on the Orders icon in the main navigation. Hovering will open a link for “Orders with Cancelled Styles” showing a count of orders with cancelled styles. The Orders list page will show an alert message when there are orders with cancelled styles that displays a link to the Orders with Cancelled Styles page. Individual orders when viewed will also display an alert message at top while also flagging the cancelled style in the order. 
  • See summary info to choose where to start: View information for orders with cancelled styles allowing you to prioritize where to start with processing including:
    • Total products in an order
    • # of Cancelled styles
    • # of Cancelled units
    • Total value of cancelled styles by order
  • Review Before Dropping: View a summary of the style(s) to be dropped including total units being dropped and the value of the units before proceeding to drop styles from an order.


Highlight More Product Images per Product with 4x4 Linesheet Templates 


Custom lists and linesheets now support the ability to display four product photos per SKU so you can show additional product photos such as profile or detail shots not possible with our 1 or 2 photo templates. To use the new template you can go to Settings > Brand Admin > Product Catalog Settings > Manage Linesheets and select the template options for 4 Products per page. Then select the additional fields you wish to display. Note that due to more product photos there will be less room for additional product data fields to display. 


Find Companies and Buyers Easier


  • All Companies View: Find accounts and buyers faster with the ability to quickly filter contacts by country, state and zip code. Plus, users can now customize their view to display the most relevant data at a glance. Simply add or remove columns for easier navigation.  


  • Single Company View: We’ve completely redesigned the individual company view to give users a high-level overview of each account including recent orders, buyer contact details, and shipping/billing addresses. 

 Note: For Brands that have Credit Card Processing enabled, the new Contacts area is not enabled as we add the ability to Manage Credit Cards for Buyers into the new pages. The new Contacts pages will be enabled once that work is complete.


Color Restriction Updates


For brands that have enabled the Brand Preference for Product Color Restrictions by attribute (see the October Release notes for details), we have added support to the secondary screens that also display product color choices. We have added support to restrict colors by attribute (typically Season) to the following screens when the brand preference is enabled:

  • The Products tab of the Working Order restricts the colors dropdown 
  • The Tech PDF now only displays available colors
  • The Grouped products in the Admin Product Gallery now reflect the color restrictions
  • Linesheet/Custom Lists PDF with Color Swatch or Color Card now reflect the color restrictions

If you wish to restrict the available colors shown to a specific attribute, contact our support team heroes or your customer success manager to enable this preference for your portal. 


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.


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