Web Update - November 2019

The November release is available with a focus on a few top requested features to make finding products based on inventory and downloading inventory files easier.

Filter by Inventory


For brands looking to filter products by Inventory we have added the ability to enable a filter specific to Immediate and Future inventory.  With this filter you will have 3 options:

  • Greater than: use this option if you are trying to find inventory for major buyers that only wish to consider products above a certain inventory count. 
  • Less than: use this option to find products below a certain threshold such as products below 25 units where you may wish to move them to a clearance linesheet or custom list.
  • Equal to: use this option if you are looking to find products with an exact quantity such as those with 0 inventory.

You will be able to provide a value that when entered will filter the current view to only products matching the filter type and value you have entered. This feature is available to be enabled through a brand preference. Please reach out to our support team at heroes@nuorder.com to request enabling of this preference.

Inventory Data Files Split


We have made improvements to the Inventory Data files download to make it easier to get specific data by warehouse or other ways of filtering to help brands with large numbers of products and warehouses.

In the updated Inventory Data page available under Settings > Brand Admin > Data > Inventory Data, you will now have the ability to

    • export all inventory data for brands with large inventory files ; the export  will split in separate files by warehouse and sets of ~6K products.
    • select specific warehouse data (where applicable)
    • filter inventory before exporting based on available filters for your portal


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.

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