Web Update - October 2019

The October release has arrived with a focus on improvements requested by our brands.

Bulk download order PDFs

Currently brands often need to download and send multiple orders to buyers. We have made that process easier with the ability to select and combine multiple orders into a single PDF file.


Product colors restrictions for carousel

In our last release we updated the product details pane to include a carousel to show additional colorways. Brands asked for the ability to restrict what is shown in the carousel such as restricting by season so only colorways available in season are displayed. This is through a brand preference : product colors restrictions. 


ATS Report - maintain merchandised order

When downloading the XLS : In order to ensure your linesheets display as intended to buyers, ATS Report and ATS Report with Images, products will now display in the same order as merchandised in the line sheet or custom list.



Bulk search has been added to the Orders page

By entering comma-separated PO Numbers or Order Numbers into the search bar, you can instantly filter orders to just that set of orders for further analysis or exporting. 


Save and send a draft order to buyers

It is more obvious when a draft has not been shared with a buyer and it timestamps the last time the order was saved :


When you reopen a draft order, if you have already sent it to a buyer, it tells you : Screen_Shot_2019-10-24_at_5.56.33_PM.png

Last transaction status

You can now add a Last Transaction Status column in the Orders section.


Chat to Customer Support within the web application

Live chat to Customer Support is now available within support hours for each region . Through the help tab on the right hand side of the screen, you can access chat and knowledge articles. 


Note : Help Center (accessed through the ‘?’ button) can now be accessed via the Guide button on the top right hand side of your screen.

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