Fundamental Features for Buyers


If you're new to NuORDER, or haven't used it in a while, watching these videos is a great way to learn what you need to know to get up to speed. 



Shop in 90 Seconds - The Buyer Experience

See the whole process starting from the Homepage, through shopping, and submitting an Order.

From the Dashboard - Complete a Draft Order

Learn what you'll see on the Buyer's Dashboard. Edit a previously saved Draft Order and Submit it. Note how that Order status is updated on the Dashboard.



From the Dashboard - Go to a Brand Page

Explore the Buyer Dashboard and go to the Homepage of one of the Brands. Learn the three key places to navigate to from a Brand Homepage, then return to the Buyer Dashboard.



Homepages and Navigation

Explore the Homepage. Each Brand's Homepage is different, but they all provide access to other areas you'll want to go, especially: Linesheets, Custom Lists, and Orders (Cart).



 Product Gallery, Linesheet, Custom List
- What's the Difference? -

You can find and order items from the Product Gallery, Linesheets, and Custom Lists. Understanding the differences among these three areas will help you shop and order efficiently.





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