Web Update - September 2019

The September release has arrived with a focus on feedback from our brands to make things easier. 

Easily Find Orders by Payment Status and Last Transaction Status

We have added additional Payment Filters for brands with Credit Card Processing enabled. The Payment Status filter will appear in the Orders screen automatically for brands with credit card processing enabled. The filter can be set to find orders with full, partial, or not paid payment status allowing brands to find and manage specific orders matching these filters. 


The Last Transaction Status filter will also appear automatically in the Orders screen for brands with credit card processing enabled. The filter can be used to find orders by last transaction status (Resolved, Declined, Canceled, Pending, Failed) allowing brands to find and manage orders that need accounting attention. 



See The Misses Along with the Hits 

Based on brand feedback we have added a new Missed Styles report to help identify potential liabilities. Whereas the Most Drafted Styles or Top 20 BestSellers reports represent products appearing in orders and drafts, sometimes brands need to know what's not getting traction. The new Missed Styles report will show prebook products that are not included in any submitted orders allowing brands to quickly find styles that may need to be cancelled or otherwise acted on to help cut your losses. 



Call to Action When Cart is Empty

Just as we added a call to action to the Order Review tab when empty to redirect users to the product gallery, we have added the same to the Products tab. If there are no items in the cart, users can click the button to view the product gallery.



Revamped Email Rendering for Microsoft Outlook

We have completed updates to all emails when viewing in the Microsoft Outlook desktop client. Work on email formatting began in our last release starting with the highest priority emails. In this release we have completed the remaining emails so all emails sent via NuORDER should render correctly.


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.


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