Web Update - May 2019




We have some exciting new enhancements arriving this week. Our theme for this month’s release is USABILITY. We've focused on updates to make your work easier (and faster) and more intuitive for your customers too.

Key Highlights Include: 

- Order and Draft PDF's are organized by Delivery Dates

- Re-named PDF Files, your PDF files will now be named with Portal Name, Order Number, and Date

- "View Draft Order" screen easily allows you to Share your Draft with Buyers

- Orders and Drafts now have products organized by Delivery Date

- Create Catalogs and Custom Lists with Pre-Set Delivery Dates

- Delivery Dates will carry over when cloning a Linesheet to a Custom List

- New Linesheet preference to keep Linesheets active after Delivery Window has passed

- Delivery Window for Linesheets now appears in Linesheet, without clicking "Linesheet Settings"

- New Review your Cart contents prompt before opening a new Order to edit

- Products take priority in the Cart


Order & Draft PDFs Organized by Delivery Dates

You’ll also see the clear grouping by delivery dates in PDFs for orders and drafts. Items will be organized by delivery dates and by styles within delivery dates.

And we’ve made the Order & Draft PDF files easier to track and share after download. Look for your PDF files automatically named with the portal name, order number, and date.




Products Organized by Delivery Dates in Cart

When viewing orders and drafts, we’ve updated the default view to organize your items by delivery dates. For each delivery date, products will be grouped let you and buyers easily keep track of when items will be delivered.




Create Catalogs & Lists with the Delivery Dates Pre-Set

Make ordering crystal clear for your buyers by pre-assigning the delivery window when you create a new Linesheet/Catalog or Custom List. Previously, the delivery dates could only be assigned within the Linesheet/List settings. Now when you go through the “star” or bulk add actions in the Product Gallery, you’ll have an easy option right there to set dates on your new catalog.

Note: We recommend as a best practice to always include dates on your linesheets and lists as this makes delivery dates clear to your buyers.




Additional enhancements for managing delivery dates on catalogs:

  • When cloning a Linesheet into a Custom List, the delivery dates will carry through to the list, helping make sure your buyer will see the right dates on your proposal.

  • Want to keep your Linesheets active even after the delivery window has passed? We’ve added a linesheet preference to skip the auto-deactivation and keep you in control of your Linesheet presentation. All new linesheets will have this preference “Visible after delivery dates expire” enabled by default.

  • Delivery date settings are automatically displayed when editing Linesheets, without having to click into the “Linesheet Settings” area.




Improvements to Draft Order Sharing and Status

We’ve updated the “View Draft Order” screen to make it easier and clearer to keep track of your notes, proposals, and orders-in-progress. In addition to a clear header indicating that you’re viewing a Draft, you’ll also be able to see if the draft is currently shared and visible to your buyer. Simply click the “Share” button to trigger an automatic email sending the draft to your buyer.




Also updated on Drafts: When buyers receive the draft via email, we’ve made it more clear that this is a non-final order by updating the call to action to say “View Draft” rather than “Edit or Submit Order” as it shows today so your buyers will have complete clarity on the status of draft orders.


Review Your Cart Contents Before Opening an Order to Edit

When you click to edit an order, you are typically prompted with an alert that opening the order will clear your current cart contents. We’ve made this messaging more informative, with a summary of what’s currently in your cart. If you need to take a look and save or finish submitting your current cart, click Review Cart. If you don’t need (or already have saved) the current cart, click Replace Cart Contents to proceed with your edits.




Products Take Priority in the Cart

Complete your order more intuitively by landing directly on the “Products” tab when you click into the cart when a Company and Buyer are set. After you’ve finalized your items, quantities and delivery windows, you can go back to review the top level Order Details to add order notes or modify the bill to / ship to before submitting.




More features to enhance the buying  experience are coming! We have many more exciting updates planned for 2019 -- stay tuned!


If you have questions or comments about anything listed above, please contact heroes@nuorder.com.

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