Bulk Search for Specific Products

Our  Bulk Search tool limits your search to a single key field, supports a list of multiple search terms, and returns the exact matches only.

For example: If you’re searching for Style Number 12345, your results will only include style 12345. You won’t get style 12345C, or a product that happens to have “12345” within another field like the UPC code.

Do you have a PDF catalog or Excel list of item numbers? Copy the list, paste it into the search field, and get the exact match for each item in your list.


Once you’ve got your results, you have the same great bulk actions at your fingertips to take the next step (depending on your user permissions):

  • Add to an Order

  • Add to a Custom List

  • Add to a Linesheet/Catalog

  • Export product data

Note: Each brand can specify the product attribute to use for bulk search. You can only have ONE chosen attribute to be used in the Bulk Search.  When you switch into Bulk Search mode in the product gallery, you’ll see which field has been enabled.

Note: Products will not appear in the order in which you search for products. 

When doing a Bulk Search, after you input your search terms, you will need to select Apply Search for the search to begin. To reset, delete your search terms and click Apply Search again to clear.

When deciding which Product Attribute to utilize for Bulk Search, you do not want to use any attributes that feature a space, comma, or other delimiters. For example, if you have spaces in your Category field, we would not recommend choosing Category as your Product Attribute for Bulk Search. If you have a Category titled "men's casual" and you searched "men's casual" as a bulk search, you would get results for "men's" and "casual" but not "men's casual". For this reason, you want to choose a Product Attribute without spaces or other delimiters. 


You can switch between Simple Search and Bulk Search. If you are using Simple Search, you can select Bulk Search to switch to Bulk Search. See below




To switch back to Simple Search, you can select Simple Search. See below.



Brand Admins: Contact our Heroes Support Team to set up Bulk Search for your brand.

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