Web Update - April 2019

Our April release is coming early this week.This update has many improvements based on feedback from our users in an effort to make NuORDER easier to use. Key highlights include:

- Preview your order before checkout with the new "Order Review" tab

- Add a PO number per delivery when using Order Splitting in the "Order Review" tab

- View the Inventory Arriving Table directly in your cart

- New Permission Setting to control user roles when adding Surcharge % to order

- New Brand Preference to set "Size Grid" view as default experience for all users

- New Full Screen imagery option for all Pages in Pages Manager

- New Select All Customer Groups option on Pages and Linesheets, and Select All Currencies on Linesheets

- Bulk Search for Specific Products


Preview Your Order Before Checkout

Look for the new “Order Review” tab in the shopping cart to see a snapshot of your order before submitting. Easily check your bill to / ship to information, products, totals, and delivery dates. You’ll also see any alerts for over-ordering or missing quantities, making it easier for you to finalize your buy -- simply click on a product to modify the details.


Add a PO Number Per Delivery
If your brand has set up orders to auto-split by delivery (or other criteria), you’ll see a clear preview of each split, including the dates and totals. Most importantly, you now have an option to enter a PO Number per delivery to keep your POs clearly labeled and easier to track.


Check Inventory from the Cart

If your brand shares future or “available to promise” inventory in NuORDER, we’ve made it even easier to see future stock levels and handle backorders with a new shortcut to view the “Inventory Arriving Table” directly within the cart. If more stock is available on future dates, you can click on the date to automatically add the item for that delivery.

For users who prefer the “Size Grid” view to enter quantities, you’ll also be able to see available units in this view, and see clear visual highlights if there aren’t enough units to cover your order.


Other Cart Enhancements:

  • Brands that need to collect a terms acceptance for legal reasons can require buyers to actively accept order T&Cs by checking a box. To read the order T&Cs, click on the link in the acceptance checkbox. Product formatting is remembered so the next product you add will be styled like the last one

  • New permission setting to control which user roles can add an order Surcharge %, just like you can with Discounts.

  • New brand preference to set the “Size Grid” view as the default experience for all users.

Engage Your Buyers with Full Screen Imagery

Amp up the visual impact of your brand storytelling with full page image support on home pages. Whatever the size of the user’s browser, your imagery will scale to fit the full window for an even more engaging buyer experience.

Brand Admins: In Pages Edit mode, switch on the new “Full Width” toggle to set each page to this new experience. (You might need to reload higher res content to look sharp on larger screens!)

Select All Customer Groups on Pages & Linesheets
Save time on content segmentation by setting visibility rules in bulk on Linesheets and Page widgets.
In your Page widget settings, look for a new option to “select all” (or deselect all) customer groups.

For Linesheets, you can bulk select Customer Groups as well as Currencies to restrict access globally.


Bulk Search for Specific Products
Looking for a specific list of items? Our new Bulk Search tool limits your search to a single key field, supports a list of multiple search terms, and returns the exact matches only.

So if you’re searching for Style Number 12345, your results will only include style 12345. You won’t get style 12345C, or a product that happens to have “12345” within another field like the UPC code.

Have a PDF catalog or Excel list of item numbers? Copy the list, paste it into the search field, and get the exact match for each item in your list.

To search for products, select "Bulk Search" which will appear to the right of your Search Bar in the products section, Linesheets and Custom Lists. You can then list the multiple queries you are searching for. 

Note: products will not appear in the same order as your search terms appear in the search bar


Once you’ve got your results, you have the same great bulk actions at your fingertips to take the next step (depending on your user permissions):

  • Add to an Order

  • Add to a Custom List

  • Add to a Linesheet/Catalog

  • Export product data

Note: Each brand can specify the product attribute to use for bulk search. When you switch into Bulk Search mode in the product gallery, you’ll see which field has been enabled.

Learn more about Bulk Search

Brand Admins: Contact our Heroes Support Team to set up Bulk Search for your brand.

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