Preview Your Order Before Checkout

You can preview your order before checkout on the Order Review tab. By default, this tab will always include details on your full order (such as style number and total units ordered). This also includes information on how your order will be split if you are using Order Splitting.

Some brands may also display additional schema fields (such as length) in the Order Review tab. This information will appear automatically in the tab if it has been enabled by the brand. 

This Checkout Preview will also allow you to see applied discounts, your bill-to/ship-to information, products, totals, and delivery dates.

You’ll also see any alerts for over-ordering or missing quantities, making it easier for you to finalize your buy -- simply click on a product to modify the details.

If your brand has set up orders to auto-split by delivery (or other criteria), you’ll see a clear preview of each split, including the dates and totals. Most importantly, you now have an option to enter a PO Number per delivery to keep your POs clearly labeled and easier to track.


If you are missing retailer info, you will now see a red bar letting you know you have to fill in retailer info in the Order Details Tab.

You will also see an error message if you have not selected quantities for a style in your order. If you are missing quantities, you will see an error bar message. You will also see each style will be highlighted in yellow, letting you know you need to add units to your product before ordering. 


If you over order for a specific product, the product will be highlighted in red. 


If you add a discount for a Company in the Order Details section, this discount will reflect in the Order Review section above the subtotal. 


Note: If you add a discount in the Order Details Tab, and also add a discount at the Product Level, the Product Level discount will override the full order discount for the product you discount on the product level.

For example, if you have a 20% discount on the Order Level, but add a 10% discount for a single product, all products will have 20% off, except for the single product you added a 10% discount to. This product will have a 10% discount because the line item discount overrides the full order discount.  

If you have an order with a 10% discount for one product, and no discount on the rest of the order, you will see a discount noting the average discount for the full order. However, the discount is still only applied to the single product. Example below. 



You will also notice the Terms of Service agreement is now located at the bottom next to Submit Order. Users can check this box to acknowledge Terms of Service. You can click "Terms of Service" to view the full agreement. When creating your Terms of Service, you cannot use HTML, as this will cause issues with how the Terms of Service displays. 

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