Full Screen Imagery in Pages

Amp up the visual impact of your brand storytelling with full page image support in pages. Whatever the size of the user’s browser, your imagery will scale to fit the full window for an even more engaging buyer experience.




To turn on this feature you can go to your pages manager (Settings > Pages Manger > Select the page you would like to edit)

At the top of the page you will see a "Full Width" toggle. You can toggle this on for images to appear as the full width of your screen. 




You might need to reload higher res content to look sharp on larger screens! 


Recommended Specs for Full Width Page Imagery

  • Width: 1280 - 2880px
  • Height: any (depends on the ratio of your image)
  • File Size: < 2MB recommended; 5MB maximum
  • Save for Web & Mobile Devices
  • Settings: Saving using the "Progressive" file setting will allow your images to load faster, especially if you have a lot of imagery on the page. "Optimized" can also be used and may help your images look sharper, however you may sacrifice on speed when loading the page.




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