The Whiteboard feature will allow you to:

  • Work collaboratively on the same whiteboard
  • Create marketing/design assets with our enhanced design tools featuring powerful layout capabilities
  • Review version history for each whiteboard and track a timeline of changes, capturing and naming historic milestones
  • Refresh product data for the most up to date product details
  • Customize segmentation and visibility rules for products on the whiteboard
  • Export whiteboards to PDF formats


Work collaboratively on the same whiteboard



Multiple users can work on the same board at once

  • Design can partner with merchandizing to lay out products together
  • Planning teams can work collaboratively to build lines for upcoming seasons.

Share boards with other team members (View Only, Editor, Owner)

  • Marketing can build assets and share boards with sales
  • Global planning teams can build a board with approved products for the upcoming season and share them with regional teams

Duplicate boards easily to create your own working version

  • My brand admin has shared a "Master Template" with me (it includes how the products should be laid out along with additional design/marketing assets), and I'll duplicate a copy of the board to create my own working version.

Copy and paste components across boards

  • I've created a layout or a design that I would like to use across all pages in my whiteboard (or across all whiteboards in my portal). I can select all, copy-paste components/products across all pages or into new whiteboards.
  • I've laid out all 50 of the products I want to push this season. I'll copy products and paste them to a new whiteboard, apply a "View As" company or currency filter, and then share it with buyers for that company. Then I can repeat the same steps and share it with buyers for another company with different visibility rules.

Display whiteboard in presentation mode

  • I've created a whiteboard with multiple pages, highlighting different lines/seasonal specials. I can present these products to buyers during tradeshows/meetings and walk them through each page in full-screen mode.
  • Notes: presentation mode will be purely VIEW-ONLY. You will not be able to shop/action from presentation mode.


Create marketing and design assets with our enhanced design tools



We've made whiteboards more powerful with easy-to-use design tools to empower your marketing/sales teams. Creating beautiful, sellable product layouts has never been easier, and the new tools will allow design teams to work collaboratively with other departments to build beautiful marketing assets as well.

Bulk formatting actions using the paintbrush tool - create the perfect product template, then apply it across all other products on the board

Color formatting, borders, and transparency now supported, with additional shapes for build patterns/designs

Set custom canvas size under Whiteboard Properties

Bulk editing components:

  • Rotation tool
  • Flipping tool
  • Ordering tool (layers)
  • Alignment tool
  • Distribution tool
  • Lock aspect ratio
  • Customize width/height per component

Standard keyboard shortcuts (plus more) are available:

  • Control (Command) - A = select all
  • Control (Command) - C = copy
  • Control (Command) - V = paste
  • Control (Command) - X = cut
  • Delete Key
  • Using arrows to move components in increments of 1 pixel
  • Holding Shift + Arrow will move components in increments of 10 pixels
  • Control (Command) - Z = Redo
  • Shift - Control (Command) - Z = Undo

Hide product images - quickly hide a product image and customize product field formatting, giving greater flexibility for customizing product templates/layouts on the board.

  • As a brand user, I would like to display related style color information but sometimes I just want the product’s text, not the image.

Add custom whiteboard text field (not tied to product data fields)

  • As a sales rep, I can add a custom whiteboard text field that will live WITHIN the product template (e.g. "This product is a best seller!"!) as notes to display to other whiteboard viewers.
  • NOTE: this field will NOT be exported in the PDF as is it not part of the official product data.

Manage pages on the board

  • Name pages
  • Rearrange pages by dragging
  • Delete pages
    • As a sales rep, I can create multiple pages on a whiteboard, each with different designs laying out products in different ways that may appeal to my buyer. I can rearrange said pages, name them ("Extreme Mountaineering 2020" - "Slow Hikes 2019"), and edit/delete pages as needed.

Create whiteboard from products in your cart

  • Ability to filter product panel to show only products that are currently in the cart.
    • As a buyer, I shopped earlier from the product gallery/custom list/linesheet and have 30 items in my cart. I would like to create a sample view of how these items would lay next to each other, so I add all of these products in my cart to the whiteboard and begin styling/merchandising items on the board.


Review version history for each whiteboard



Our whiteboards save every change a user makes immediately. We've created a history timeline that allows board users to go back, name, and review historic milestones (versions).

  • View the history of the board and track how it has changed over time
  • See which specific users made changes on the board
  • Name historical milestones (i.e. "Draft Spring Line 2018-12-18")
  • Use version to restore data
    • If multiple team members are working on the same board, a user can select one version, use copy tools or command to copy products/components from that historical board, and paste it into a new board or into the current board.


Refresh product data for the most up to date product details

  • Ability to bulk refresh and update product fields for the whole board at once
    • I've created a board with 50 products and designed it so it's ready to be exported as a PDF and shared with retailers. When new data fields get pushed in, all I need to do is open menu "Edit -> Refresh Products > All Pages" (or page) and all my product data fields will get updated automatically.


Customize segmentation and visibility rules for products on the whiteboard


  • Apply a "View As" company filter
  • Apply a currency filter
    • I've created a board as a brand rep/admin and would like to make sure that product data fields on this board accurately reflects what my buyer should see. I will apply a "View As" company or currency filter, and then Refresh > Whiteboard. Once the product fields have been updated, I will share the board with my buyer in "View Only" mode.
  • Hide (or display) "unavailable" products banner 
    • Use toggle to which products are unavailable, temporarily overriding the "Unavailable" banner  if they need the board to display all products normally.
      • As a buyer, when viewing a whiteboard, I can see which products are unavailable to me. I can only choose to toggle off "Unavailable Products" to view the board without the unavailable banner. 
    • Note: PDF exports from the whiteboard will NOT show "unavailable" banner.


Export whiteboards to PDF format

Export whiteboard to PDF

  • As a sales rep, I've created a whiteboard with all the products I want to push next season. I will export this whiteboard as a PDF and send it as an attachment to my buyers
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