Multi-select and change delivery dates, apply size run, bulk delete and duplicate products on Mobile 4.0


You now have the ability to select multiple line items in the cart and take bulk action on those items!

Tap on the "More Actions" icon to then choose "Enable Multi-Selection" Mode:


In Multi-Select Mode, user can select multiple items, or choose to "Select All"



The following bulk actions can be taken:

  • Change Delivery Dates
  • Duplicate Items
  • Apply Size Run
  • Remove Items from Cart


Change Delivery Dates:

  • Select multiple products and bulk-change delivery dates on those items
  • On "Apply," user will see a little toast that tells them success rate of application (example: Updated 8 out of 12 items")


Duplicate Items:

  • Select multiple items and duplicate them in the cart
  • Duplicated items will be added to the bottom of the list, and user will be navigated to the first of the newly duplicated products


Apply Size Run:

  • Select multiple items and apply a size run to those items
  • Items with the exact size run will be grouped into the same category
  • (Example: If Product A and Product B have sizes XS, S, M, L, and Product C has size S, M, L, Product A & B will be grouped together, and Product C will be in its own section.)


Remove Items from Cart:

  • Select multiple items and bulk remove those items from the cart
  • Users will be warned with an alert prior to removal of items


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