Approving Connections Requests through the Connection Manager

You can now check your Marketplace connection requests from within NuORDER! 


1) Hover over your contacts tab and select the "connection requests" option. You will see the number of pending requests in teal.



2) From your dashboard, you can filter to pending, approved or denied requests. You'll also see an overview of the request details. This page will always default to show pending requests until you update the status filter. 



3) After reviewing the request, select the teal check mark to approve the request, or the "X" to deny the request.  



4) You will be prompted to finalize the retailers information, then select approve to give this retailer access to your portal.



5) After approving the information, the buyers will receive an email that they've connection with you on NuORDER and prompting them to login to view your portal. 



Please note:

  • Integrated brands will not see the option to approve requests within the connection manager, as any new contact should first be added to their ERP. You will still see the option to deny requests you don't want to provide access to and can archive any requests that have already been added to your contacts through your ERP. 
  • Access to the connection manager is based on your brands permissions. To request a change in these permissions, please have an admin user reach out to
  • Legacy retail requests will not be supported in your connection manager. Only retailer requests that were initiated after August 6, 2018 will be synced with your dashboard. Please email us at if you would like to get a list of retailer requests prior to August 6, 2018.







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