What is the Prebook Expiration Date?

The Prebook Expiration date determines when the set prebook window will lose it's status as prebook, and change into a normal delivery window (non-prebook).
When creating Delivery Windows in Brand Admin Settings, if creating a prebook window, there is an optional "Pre-book Expiration" date.
For example, if it is January, and a prebook delivery window is created and set for October 1st - October 31st, but the Prebook Expiration is set for May 15th, then users would be able to add a product to cart as prebook with this October delivery window from now (January) until May 15th, which is when this delivery window would become a normal (non-prebook) delivery window.

Thus, the last day this window is available as prebook would be May 14th (the day before the Expiration Date). 
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