How to change your brand logo

Your brand’s logo is automatically displayed in the app for your buyers, in the header of your emails, and at the top of PDF exports. You can update your logo without contacting NuORDER heroes in your account settings.

First, hover over the settings tab in your account and select Brand Admin


Then, open the Imagery & Media section and click Manage Brand Logos.


On the Manage Brand Logos page, you’ll be presented with thumbnails of your:

  • Dashboard logo: the logo displayed in the buyer dashboard and the dashboard picker.
  • Product placeholder: the image that appears when a product does not have an image uploaded.
  • PDF logo: the image that displays in the header of emails and PDF exports.

To upload a new dashboard logo, product placeholder, or PDF logo, simply click on the existing image. You’ll then be able to select a new file to upload. If you haven't uploaded an image, it will appear as a grey box. Simply click on the box to upload an image instead. 


Keep in mind, to upload a brand logo in each location your image must meet different size and file type requirements: 

  • Dashboard images must be at least 160x160 pixels and a PNG file.
  • Product placeholder images must be at least 160x160 pixels and a JPG file.
  • PDF / Email header images must be at least 340x55 pixels and a JPG file.
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