How To Bulk Refresh your current whiteboard?

This feature is great if you need to bulk refresh any product information currently in your existing whiteboards.

If you have created multiple existing whiteboards on your portal, but decided to make some product data updates, then click "Bulk Refresh" option. This will update all necessary information in your current/existing whiteboard and reflect with the most up to date product informations.

Try out these steps below: 

1) Once there are product data updated

2) Click into your existing whiteboard on the "WHITEBOARDS" page



3) On the top right corner > click on EDIT 



4) Click on BULK REFRESH option to fresh all product information in the current whiteboard.




*** Please Note: This currently does not bulk update product images in the existing whiteboard. If you want to update your images in your existing whiteboards, then you will need to click into the product and select the updated image(s) again. ***


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