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Mobile 4.0

Our Mobile 4.0 app was launched late 2017 in a beta release with brand users and buyers.


The native iOS app works on both iPads and iPhones, and offers an optional offline mode.


As with the web app, all content and permissions are tied to the user login. Even if two different users log in to the same device, they will only see their own specific content.


Today, the mobile app focuses on the key sales and ordering tools that users need on the go. Our long term vision for the mobile app is to provide a seamless companion to the NuORDER web experience, with the majority of features offered on both types of devices.





Downloading the App IMG_7332.PNG

To download the Mobile 4.0 app, click here from your mobile device, or follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Apple App Store [link]
  2. Search for 'NuORDER 4.0"
  3. Install the app
  4. Log in using your NuORDER credentials










Browse Products

Similar to the web app, the mobile app features a "Products" gallery area where you can search, filter, and sort the full product collection.

IMG_7333.PNG  IMG_7334.PNG  IMG_7335.PNG



View Product Details

 Tap into an item to view product details and images, including hi-res, full-screen zoom.


IMG_7336.PNG  IMG_7337.PNG  IMG_7338.PNG


Enter Quantities & Add to Cart

From the product details view, you can select a delivery window, add quantities (using keyboard of quick-tap +/-) to add products to cart. You can also use the "Quick Add" cart icon from the product gallery page.


IMG_7339.PNG  IMG_7340.PNG  IMG_7342.PNG


Active List, Active Cart, and Bulk Actions 

All areas include multi-select and bulk actions to add items to the cart or to a list.

The "active list" and "active cart" icons at the top right keep track of how many items they contain, while the "Quick Add" icons show which items are in the active list (star) or in the cart.


IMG_7382.PNG  IMG_7383.PNG  IMG_7384.PNG



Browse Linesheets 

Similar to the web experience, you can view linesheets and take the same actions available based on the user's role and permissions

While most brands prepare their Linesheets & Catalogs using the web tools, you can also make edits & merchandize on mobile (if you have permission).


IMG_7343.PNG  IMG_7344.PNG  IMG_7345.PNG


Save & Share Custom Lists

You can easily view your saved Custom Lists, merchandize the presentation, send the list to your customers, or convert it into an order.


IMG_7346.PNG  IMG_7347.PNG IMG_7348.PNG


Submit Orders

When you're ready to complete your order, just tap into the cart.

Expand an item to view details and enter quantities "Edit Order Info" pulls up all the header fields, including customer details and shipping/billing, Customer PO, notes, etc.

Tap the disk icon at any point to save as a Draft.


IMG_7349.PNG  IMG_7350.PNG  IMG_7351.PNG


Capture Signatures

With the touch screen, you can capture the buyer's signature. This will show up on the order confirmation PDF.


IMG_7352.PNG   IMG_7353.PNG



Review & Manage Orders* 

All users can view their orders from any status, including drafts.

You have all the same filter & search options as on the web, and order actions according to your user permissions.

*Note that the "Order Editing" functionality (ability to edit a submitted order) is coming soon!


IMG_7354.PNG  IMG_7355.PNG  IMG_7356.PNG 



Barcode Scanning

 "Barcode Scan Mode" lets you quickly add items to your active cart simply by scanning the UPC or other barcode.

You can use your device's camera or a bluetooth scanner.

This feature is a favorite at trade shows, helping many brands shorten appointment times and see more customers in a day, as well as increasing the number of SKUs per order.


IMG_7357.PNG  IMG_7358.PNG  IMG_7359.PNG



Manage Customer Contacts

Sales users can view their customer list (including searching) and easily add new buyer contacts on the fly (if they have the permission enabled).


IMG_87A0386D71FE-1.jpeg  IMG_7360.PNG  IMG_7361.PNG




You can send Lists & Linesheets from the mobile app as a Campaign (including EZ Order), and view activity for previous Campaigns.


IMG_7362.PNG  IMG_7363.PNG  IMG_7364.PNG



Offline Mode

If you know the WiFi will be spotty or unavailable, you can download your brand data onto your device and work entirely offline.

You can easily see how large the data set is, and decide whether you want to download the data only, image thumbnails, or hi-res zoom images. 


IMG_7365.PNG  IMG_7366.PNG  IMG_7367.PNG



As you work offline, your orders, linesheets, contacts, and other actions are saved to your local device. Once you have connection again, these updates will sync and you will be able to see all changes reflected on the web platform.

Go to the Sync Center to review sync progress, correct any items with sync errors, and view sync history.


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