How does NuORDER avoid emails being flagged as spam?


NuORDER's B2B tools allow you to send a variety of emails to your users, from automated order confirmations to targeted Linesheet assortments to EZ Order campaigns.

How do we make sure these emails end up in the buyer's inbox and not in a spam or junk mail folder? 

Over time we have built up as a recognized domain with a positive reputation.

We have verified our domain via DKIM, and have a 99% reputation with SendGrid (which tracks successfully delivered emails). We have a very high interaction rate (opens, clicks) with our emails, which helps increase deliverability.

We follow SendGrid's guidelines and best practices for avoiding email spam filters, including:

  • Reverse DNS setup

  • Keeping a consistent email service provider from which our emails are sent

  • Separating marketing content from transactional content

  • Including a balance of images and relevant text in emails that can be accurately interpreted by spam filters

  • Limiting our in-app mass blast tools to those users with whom you already have an email connection

Ultimately the recipient's email service provider and the specific settings on their account will play an important role. Even with all the best practices described here, some service providers and company firewalls have very strict spam filters. If your user isn't receiving emails from NuORDER, they may need to check their spam folder, review their email account settings, or add to their address book as a recognized contact.



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