Ability to assign a page to Linesheet/Catalog navigation menu item

Now, you may assign a page to replace your main linesheet/catalog page. This is beneficial if your portal sells multiple brands and you would like your customers to only view specific linesheets when they click on the main linesheet/catalog page. 


First, you must create a new page from your "pages manager". Click on "SETTINGS" > Select "PAGES MANAGER".




Click on "CREATE NEW PAGE" to start creating your new page for your linesheet/catalog page. 



Once that is all set, you will need to click on the "linesheets/catalog" logo on your selected page in the pages manager. 



By selecting the specific page with the linesheets option, it would then link that page as the default view whenever a user clicks into the linesheet/catalog page. *** Please note: If you have customer groups set up, then the user will only be able to view the widgets that are permitted to them on that page view. ***


To undo this action, you may simply click on the logo again; when it is removed, your linesheet/catalog logo will turn back to grey. 

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