Add Delivery Dates to Linesheets/Custom Lists

You can set dates on linesheets and custom lists to better align with how you sell.

When dates are set on a linesheet, products added to an order will automatically be set to the dates from that linesheet. This will make it easier for reps and buyers to add products to their orders with pre-selected delivery dates.

Users with Linesheet Edit permissions (usually NuORDER Admins) can set the delivery dates directly on the Linesheet when setting it up. You'll find the date options at the bottom of the "View Linesheet Settings" area:




Next, you may click on the dropdown to select your set delivery date range to the linesheet. Note that the products in the linesheet must be available in the dates set on the linesheet.



The selected dates may then be apply to all products (prebook & non-prebook items) in that linesheet. You may also apply the set delivery dates on the cover of your linesheet as well. You may toggle that option on when downloading the linesheet PDF file.




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