Option to disable ATS Report + Order form date/min unit filters

If you are a brand that does not track any ATS inventory on your portal and you do not wish to have the "ATS REPORT" as an option when downloading a custom list/ linesheet, then we will be happy to assist in your update. We may disable the ATS REPORT option from appearing as an option to download on your portal. 


Also, if your brand uses custom order exports and wish to hide the date and mimimum units filters, then we may update it for you as well. Enabling this setting "hide_order_form_filters" will hide the date and minimum units filters when exporting an order form from the gallery, linesheet, and custom lists. 


If you would like any of these settings to be switch on/off, feel free to email heroes@nuorder.com . The NuORDER Heroes team will be more than happy to update these settings for you in our backend. 




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