How To Set Up and Use Whiteboarding

Once your brand is permitted and is subscribed to start using our Whiteboarding feature, then you will be able to view the "Whiteboards" option in your side menu to get started. 


Start by clicking on "CREATE NEW WHITEBOARD" on the whiteboards page. 


Now, you will be guided to a new page to start creating your own whiteboard. This is where you may customize how large or small you would like a particular image to appear on a page. In addition, you may add texts to different areas of your page. Have fun and be creative with this!

To fit an image to the full whiteboard page, the image will need to have a width of 792 px and a height of 612 px.

You may reference our pointers below to help guide you in creating a new page: 

** Please note: all objects you add to your page may be resized to any form as you wish to display. You will need to adjust it accordingly in its size grid. **



1) Name your Whiteboard

2) Choose the canvas size in how you would like it to print

3) Toggle on/off if you would like to have your whiteboard as landscape 

4) Toggle on/off if you would like to view the grids on your page when creating your whiteboard

5) Add a new page to your whiteboard

6) Click & drag here if you would like to re-merchandise the order of your pages in your whiteboard

7) Click the "trash can" icon to remove a page from your whiteboard

8) To zoom in/out of your page view

9) Copy an image or text

10) Paste an image or text

11) Undo an action

12) Re-do an action

13) One Product Template : Allow you to insert 1 product image to your page

14) Three Product Template : Allow you to insert 3 product images to your page. You may insert 3 product images of the same product (great to show the side images) or you may insert 3 different images from 3 different product. 

15) Seven Product Template : Allow you to insert 7 product images to your page. Great to promote collections!

16) Insert any images as you like to the page. It can be any image files from your computer.

17) Insert texts

18) Insert a rectangle/square. You may apply a color to your shape. Great for applying as a background color to your page.

19) Insert a circle. 

20) Insert a line. Great idea for a separator in your page!

21) Share board : Add the recipients that you would like to share this whiteboard with. Adjust the permissions for each shared users. 



22) Add all items in your whiteboard to your shopping cart

23) Options for your whiteboard: Export as PDF ; Duplicate ; Delete Board ; Bulk Refresh Fields




Once you are complete with your whiteboard, you may now export the whiteboard as a PDF format and e-blast it to all your accounts to start selling!

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