Restricting linesheets & widgets with customer groups

With customer groups, it’s possible to restrict which linesheets and widgets your customers have access to. You can make these changes when creating a customer group, in your linesheet settings, and on any virtual showroom page created with Sites Manager or Pages Manager.

Restricting access when creating a customer group

When creating a customer group, you can prevent customers from seeing your linesheets.

First, you need to access your customer groups. Hover over the Settings tab and click Brand Admin. Then, click Settings, followed by Customer & User Groups.


If you want to prevent an individual customer group from accessing your linesheets, click Create New Group. As you customize the settings of your customer group, click “Exclude this group from all Linesheets.” To prevent all future customer groups from accessing your linesheets by default, click “Exclude all groups from all Linesheets by default.” Then, the “Exclude this group from all Linesheets” toggle will be activated by default on all future customer groups you create.

Restricting access to existing linesheets

If you’ve created a linesheet but want to remove access for a specific customer group, visit your linesheet and click View linesheet settings. Within your linesheet settings, scroll down to the Allowed Customer Groups drop-down list. 

For a step-by-step overview of how to accomplish this in the platform, watch the video* below:

*This video was created in 2018. Consequently, the functionality demonstrated in the video may not perfectly match the current user experience. 

Restricting access to widgets on virtual showroom pages

On any page you create with Sites Manager or Pages Manager, it’s possible to prevent customer groups from seeing specific widgets. 

To enable this, go to the page in question and click "Edit Mode."


From there, click the gear icon (⚙️) on whichever widget you wish to assign applicable customer groups to.



In the window that appears, click under “Allowed Customer Groups” to assign a customer group to that widget. After assigning a customer group to that widget, they’ll be able to view it on your page. 


Have any additional questions? Reach out to your Account Manager or a NuORDER hero for support. 

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