Vetting Buyer Requests

If you have setup a branded login page through admin, you will not only receive connection requests through the NuORDER Marketplace, but you may receive them through your branded login page. 



Vetted Retailers

Any request from the Marketplace will be from a vetted retailer. This means they have undergone a strict scrutiny process and been approved by our team after a manual review of their credentials. You'll find these connection requests within your connection manager.  



Non-Vetted Retailers

For buyers that find your branded login page through the web, they have not been vetted through NuORDER. You may receive emails that a retailer has requested access to your portal. These requests will not display within your connections manager.

Because these come directly through your branded login page, we have no way of making sure that this is a quality buyer or that the information is accurate. In these requests information may be missing, including zip code. These buyers may not be listed in the Marketplace to be automatically added.

For non-vetted buyers, we recommend reaching out to the buyer directly to gain additional information on their credentials. 


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