Access Restrictions

Access to your brand profile can not be restricted from specific buyers in the NuORDER Marketplace. If your profile is set to "visible to buyers" it will be visible to all buyers in the Marketplace.

However, only buyers that have been vetted by our team and reviewed will have visibility to your brand profile. 

  • Buyer will only see products you have select to display based on the linesheet in your profile and whitelisting rules that have been setup. In your brand profile, you will select the name of the linesheet you'd like to display. You will see the first 15 products from the selected linesheet in your profile.   Screen_Shot_2018-03-26_at_9.06.48_AM.png


  • If you're not seeing all the products from your linesheet, check to see if they're whitelisted. You can follow the link on your profile to check which products are whitelisted


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