What Profile Details are Visible?

Once you turn your profile on as "visible to buyers" your information will display in the NuORDER Marketplace. Only information you add to your brand profile will be visible to buyers that view your profile in the marketplace. 

What is Visible?

1) Your profile image and cover images are visible to any buyer that views your profile in the NuORDER Marketplace.

2) Your buyers will also see the first 15 products of the linesheet you have selected to display. Since only the first 15 products of this linesheet are visible, you may want to merchandise your linesheet accordingly. 



3) Your buyers will also see any files you have uploaded to your brand profile, as well as your company description. 

4) To view your profile as a buyer would, you can toggle off the "edit mode" button on the upper right corner. This will display your profile as it will show in the NuORDER Marketplace. 
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