Sending a Linesheet as An EZ Order

When you send a linesheet through NuORDER, a campaign is created so you can track the success of this email to your buyers. This includes the amount of orders placed from that campaign. To streamline this process, you can send your campaign as an EZ order. 

To start, you'll head to the linesheet you want to base your campaign off. Once you're viewing the linesheet, you will select "send" on the upper right corner. 




You will then input all the information for the campaign, including who will receive it, the email subject and any copy you'd like displayed in the email. You will also select if you'd like to send this linesheet as an EZ order. This will pull together all of the items in this linesheet into an order your buyer can easily place. 




After you hit "send" you can view information about this campaign on your "campaigns" tab. 

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