Adding Connection Requests for Integrated Brands

For an integrated brand, connection requests must be added to your ERP first. This is to prevent the order integration from failing due to missing company codes which are only added into NuORDER through the company integration. You can take the information provided in the connection request email and enter it directly into your ERP. Once the information syncs from your ERP, it will display in NuORDER.

Here are the steps to follow to safely add new connection requests to your portal:

1. Go to Contacts > Connection Requests. The number in the teal box is the number of connection requests pending.


2. You will see a list of pending requests. Double-click on a Connection Request to get the contact information for the retailer, including email, website, and store address(es).


3. If you choose to accept the Connection Request, add the new retailer directly to your ERP. Wait for the integration to run to add the new retailer.

4. Once the new retailer record has been added, you can archive the connection request.


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