Why can't I view this product as "prebook"?

If you are unable to view a Product as Prebook, this likely means that it has not been set up that way. The two ways you can confirm if a Product is available for Prebook is either through your Inventory Data file or within your Inventory Settings in Admin. 


  • Inventory Data

Go to Brand Admin > Data > Inventory Data and download the Inventory data file. From there, search for the style number on the excel sheet. If you do not see the option for "prebook" under the "date" column, you will want to add that additional line of data reflecting that this product is also available for Prebook. 



  • Inventory Settings

Go to Brand Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings. Under "manage prebook fields" you will see everything that should be listed as prebook in your portal. For example, if "Spring 21" is listed as a prebook field, anything within that season in your Inventory Data will automatically be set to prebook. 


If you are a buyer and wish to inquire about a product being available for prebook, please reach out to your Sales Rep directly. 



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