Buyer Specific Mobile 4.0 FAQs

The first time you log in, you need to be online using WiFi. Please note that after this first time, NuORDER does work Offline as well. 

After signing in using your NuORDER credentials, you'll be asked to select one of your brands. From there, you will see the login page.

Once there, if you select the "menu" icon, you will see this dropdown. This is where you will be able to easily access linesheets, orders, products, your sync center, etc. This of this as your "Main Menu". 



Sync Center:

The Sync Center is where you can reference if there's any pending Orders, Notes, etc. that need to be synced over from your app. Please note that deleting your NuORDER app while there are items pending within your Sync Center will cause them to delete from our database. Please contact your sales rep or a NuORDER hero if you need any assistance with your Sync Center. 


Barcode Scanning: 

To enable Barcode Scanning on your mobile device, you will need to select your Shopping Cart (located at the top right hand corner), and then the three "action" dots. From there, you will see the option to enable "Barcode Scan Mode". This will automatically prompt you to select wether you wish to use your iPhone or iPad camera, or a handheld scanner to scan barcodes from NuORDER. 



Orders Tab: 

Your Orders Tab is a centralized location where you can easily check on Order Status, Download an Order PDF, Re-Order and much more. 



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