Payments and Credit Card Processor

Our new payments gateway will allow you to use your existing processor via NuOrder. If interested, please speak with your Account Manager about enabling this feature.

  • What to Expect: Setup

Once this is enabled, you will see the "Manage Payment Processors" within the Settings page of Brand Admin. 

You will first want to add your gateway. You will have a WePay setup option as well.Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_12.07.09_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_12.07.39_PM.png

  • What to Expect: Pre-Authorization

If your processor supports it, you can toggle between "payment" or "pre-authorization". Screen_Shot_2018-03-08_at_12.10.41_PM.png

To settle the charge later, you will click the $ icon on the order.



  • Fees


  • Benefits



Please reach out to your Account Manager or for any further questions! 



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