Tradeshows: iPad Best Practices

We look forward to supporting you this tradeshow season, and want to make sure you are aware of some key best practices while using the iPad app.

Here are some iPad app Dos & Don’ts:

  • DO - Install the latest version of the app (check the App Store and make sure it’s updated)

  • DO - Stay ONLINE (connected to the internet / show wifi ). Even though we know that the wifi can be unreliable at times, it’s optimal to stay online to make sure you have the latest information and that orders sync as soon as possible. This applies to both apps.

  • DO - Brand Reps:

    • Note: this app downloads more data (such as orders) than the current app. Some brands have very large order, product and inventory datasets that can cause your device to run out of space, so we do not recommend pre-downloading data at this time.

    • NuORDER 4.0 App: This app is tested to work in online mode at the shows and downloads data as you need it.

  • DON’T - Make changes to your product data during the course of the show (Admins)

  • DON’T - Don’t delete your app! Deleting an app will also delete any unsynced data, so please check with a Heroes member to troubleshoot.

Questions? You can reach out to our Heroes Support team at or by calling 1-310-954-1313.

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