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How to upload Inventory Data


The Inventory Data file may contain the following fields: Style Number, Season, Color, UPC, Size, Quantity, Warehouse, Date.

Unique Identifiers on Inventory Data File

When uploading an Inventory Data file, NuORDER's system can only identify and apply the correct inventory values to products one of two ways. The first way is using the Style Number, Season, Color fields as the unique identifier for each product (like creating initial products) OR you could use the UPC column as the unique identifier and then would not have to include the Style Number, Season, Color fields on the Inventory Data file being uploaded. This second way requires ALL of your products to have a UPC value. 

Size, Quantity, Warehouse Columns

The next columns on the Inventory Data file are Size - the size value of the item, Quantity - the number of units available for the item, and Warehouse - the location where the inventory is located. If your brand only utilizes one warehouse, then the value in the Warehouse column will be 'default' for all of your products.

Date Column

The Date column on the Inventory Data file is where you will specify the availability of a product's inventory. There are three different availabilities a product can have on NuORDER. They are FUTURE, IMMEDIATE, and PREBOOK. For those three availabilities a product must be uploaded with the correct value in the Date column of the Inventory Data file. 
  • For products that have a FUTURE availability date, the value of this future date will go in the 'Date' column. 
  • For products that have an IMMEDIATE availability date, either the values “immediate” or at once” should be types into the 'Date' column. This will create inventory available to be sold for an immediate delivery. 


  • For products that have PREBOOK quantities available, the value 'prebook' should be typed into the 'Date' column. This will allow unlimited future bookings of the product.


Notes: One product may be listed multiple times on an Inventory Data File with future date, typed 'immediate'/'at once' and 'prebook' values.

With a full understanding of what information should be included on the Inventory Data file, you can fill in the Inventory File and get ready to upload to NuORDER!

Uploading Inventory Data 

Once you have the Inventory Data file filled out (and saved), you can then upload the file to NuORDER. You will drag-and-drop the Inventory Data File to the Upload Area of the page.



After the drag-and-drop, a prompt will appear letting you the Inventory upload has been queued and that an email will be sent with the results




An email will then be sent and generated to your email address associated with NuORDER with the results of the Inventory Data upload. The email will have a result of success or error.


Screen_Shot_2020-03-23_at_2.22.25_PM.png                 Screen_Shot_2020-03-23_at_2.28.59_PM.png

Result emails will have a CSV for you to download, that will provide a CSV version of the results. If any errors were found on Inventory Data file during the upload process, that information will be on the CSV. 

If you have any additional questions about Inventory or the uploading process, please reach out to and our Support team will further assist you!                                                       

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