What is Whiteboarding?

The whiteboarding tool is a platform for telling great stories! This will allow your brand users to combine products, logos, imageries, and texts to create compelling stories that will drive more sales. 




You may merchandise them on how your various products may complement each other. 



Best part yet, you do not even need to use Photoshop app to get your work done here! You may easily add products and images to your whitebaords, adjust the layout to achieve the perfect look. 

This can be shared with other NuORDER users (buyers and reps). However, only the owner of the whiteboard may have the permission to edit the whiteboard. 

You may also convert your custom whiteboard into another shopping experience for your buyers. Reps and buyers may click on the products within the whiteboard and add them to their cart. 




If your brand is interested in using the Whiteboard function, feel free to contact your account manager at NuORDER for further details. Thank you. 


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