Order Insights overview (beta)

Note: The Order Insights feature is currently in private beta only for select customers.

Use Order Insights to understand buyer trends by brand, including bestselling products, popular categories, trending colors, and more. 

Note: Order Insights data is based on thousands of orders from approximately 1,000 US buyers in 2023 and 2024. Each Order Insights report is unique to that brand.

More to come with Order Insights

Order Insights help inform buyers about market trends. We’re exploring additional ways of comparing data, such as monthly and quarterly analysis, and we welcome your input! Share your thoughts and needs regarding Order Insights by [completing this survey].

Order Insights by role

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Buyers Brands


Order Insights offer buying trends by Category (and Subcategory), Style, Color, and Size.

Order percentage calculations

When reviewing these reports, the % columns display the following, based on Order Volume.

  • Order Volume = units ordered in a category (or style or color) / units ordered across all categories (or styles or colors)

Example: 100 units of the products in the Outdoor category were ordered in 50 orders. The brand received 1000 orders with 2000 units of products. For the %:

  • Order Volume = 100/2000 = 5%

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Order Insights by Category

The Year over Year (YOY) tables display the percentages ordered in 2024 and 2023 for each of the brand’s Categories and Subcategories and the variance graphs compare the difference of these percentages.

Example: The SUITING Category’s percentage ordered in 2023 was 40%, in 2024 it’s 56%; this is a 16% variance increase.

Order Insights by Category.

You can also see how these order percentages visually compare by month in 2023 and 2024. 

Order Insights by Category percentage charts.

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Order Insights by Style

Use these tables to identify the top 25 products ordered by Style for Prebook and Immediate availability.

Prebook and Immediate top 25 tables.

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Order Insights by Color group

Compare the percentage ordered by Color groups by using these charts and tables. Color groups categorize similar colors together.

Example: The Red group includes shades like Scarlet and Burgundy.

Order Inishgrs by Color group.

Exploring updates to Order Insights by Color group

As we continue to develop Order Insights, we’re considering the following changes to Color groups. If you’re interested in these and other updates, please share your thoughts in this survey. 

  • Possible update: Adding the ability to expand a Color group to show the underlying Colors (for example: selecting the Blue Color group to see data for Navy, Cerulean, Cobalt, etc.).
  • Possible update: Changing the identifier for Multicolor and Uncategorized Color groups (for example: a texture or pattern, instead of a color).

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Order Insights by Size

Product Sizes order percentages are displayed in a table and a chart. 

Order Insights by Size.



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