Brand update: July 2, 2024

In this release, we introduced a new Email MFA option, as well as made updates to the Working Order and Promotions. We also enhanced the NuORDER Mobile app.

Watch this video for recent platform updates and scroll down for the full release notes.

Introducing Email MFA

Looking for an alternative way to manage your multifactor authentication (MFA)? Consider Email MFA, offering an inbox alternative to authentication apps. After verifying your email, logging in includes using a one-time passcode sent to your inbox, with the option to remember you for 30 days. 

Note: Email MFA is being released in phases, and some users will receive the updates in a later release. The first phase will be released to some users in production environments on July 2.

Send verification email.

One-time passcode.

For more information, see Multifactor authentication (MFA)

Promotions just got an upgrade!

We streamlined Promotions, adding new features and enhancing the UI. Eligible brands can check out these updates at Brand Admin > Promotions > Manage Promotions:

  • Create a new Promotion, and you’ll be prompted to choose the type: Order promotion or Product promotion
  • While configuring your Promotion in the newly streamlined UI, the Create button remains at the top of the screen for quick access. 
  • You can now select multiple companies when choosing the Audience, eliminating the need to create a Customer Group outside of your current workflow. 

Note: These Promotion updates are being released in phases, and some brands will receive the updates in a later release. 

Promotions updates.

For more information see Create and edit Promotions and Promotions FAQ

Sales Rep on orders

We introduced a preference for brands wanting more control over the selected Sales Rep on orders. When enabled, it prevents the Sales Rep field from automatically populating. Buyers can still choose the order’s Sales Rep from the list of available names.

Note: Contact our Support team to disable Sales Rep auto-assignment on orders. 

For more information, see Working Order overview.

Coming July 8... Updates to address fields on the Working Order

When configuring the Working Order (standard or Split Order), you can now find a Shipping or Billing address by typing its name in the address field or selecting it from the dropdown menu, which lists:

  • The default address first (which is also preselected)
  • All other addresses alphabetically (A-Z)

Note: For the small number of brands without this feature, scroll through the lists to find and select an address.

Search for an address.

For more information, see Working Order overview

NuORDER Mobile 4.30.0 enhancements

We updated our NuORDER Mobile app to match the line items order sorting across platforms. Brands with order sorting settings (sort by and sort order) on their Web app will now see those same defaults on Mobile. 

Note: Contact our Support team to set up your preferred order sorting defaults.

Mobile before. Mobile after.


For more information, see Mobile update 4.30.0: June 2024

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing decimals to not display in order totals, and also fixed mismatched totals in the cart.
  • Fixed an issue causing denied access to the Product Tech PDF upon a second download.
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrong billing address to populate in the Sales Contract order type after reopening the Order Details tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing the shipping address dropdown to be multi-select instead of single-select when navigating back to the Order Review tab from Order Details tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing non-sized products to not update the price in the cart according to the ship start date.
  • Fixed an issue causing non-customizable orders to return a customization error.
  • Fixed an issue causing replenishment dates to be one day earlier in the Inventory Arriving table than listed on file.
  • Fixed an issue causing “undefined” to populate instead of an empty value  in the Pricesheet download when a  product has no brand ID.
  • Fixed an issue causing “Add all colors” to duplicate already existing colors in the cart.
  • Discontinued the Sizing View’s Filter by Shipment option, which offered redundant functionality to the Deliveries option.
  • Improved loading performance for the Sizing View in the Working Order.
Product Gallery

  • Fixed an issue causing the Change View Location Filter calculations to update incorrectly when Locations are deselected.
  • Fixed an issue causing Custom Date fields to display the wrong date.
  • Fixed an issue causing filters to not load all properties in the product data.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Products page filter values to not update correctly after a product data upload/integration sync.
  • Fixed an issue causing no Replenishment Recommendations to display on the Product Details page.
  • Fixed an issue causing a high volume of Replenishment Recommendation emails to be received by brands.

  • Fixed an issue causing allowed Customer Groups to be ignored at the linesheet level.


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