Brand update: May 29, 2024

In this release, we enhanced Sizing View and Linesheets. We also invite brands to try an upcoming feature in the Working Order.

Sizing View in the Working Order updates

If offered by the brand, the Working Order’s Sizing View now supports the inclusion of required fields.

These fields are displayed with an * asterisk. If the user tries to submit an order without completing a required field, that field and product are highlighted in red, and the user can’t submit the order until those fields are filled out. 

Consider including required fields for products with necessary specifications. 

Note: Brands can contact Support to add required (or optional) fields to the Sizing View in the Working Order.

Required field in Sizing View.

For more information, see Sizing View in the Working Order.

Adaptive dynamic filtering in Linesheets and Custom Lists

To help users better understand the available product options, Linesheets and Custom Lists now offer adaptive dynamic filters. Your filter selections display as removable options at the top of the list, and the remaining filters dynamically adapt, only displaying relevant options aligned with your filter selections.

As an example, if Mens is selected in the Gender filter, options (such as Dress, Skirt, etc.) will no longer display in the Category filter if they’re unavailable in Mens.

Note: Adaptive dynamic filtering on Linesheets and Custom Lists is available for most brands.

adaptive dynamic filters.

For more information, see Product filters.

Want to try an upcoming feature in the Working Order?

With this beta feature, you can find a Shipping or Billing address by typing its name in the address field or selecting it from the dropdown menu, which lists:

  • The default address first (which is also preselected)
  • All other addresses alphabetically (A-Z)

Note: Contact your Account Manager if you’re interested in trying the beta version of this feature before it’s released to all portals.

Address fields update.

For more information, see Working Order overview.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue preventing the order export template from deactivating cells for dates when a product doesn't have a planned inventory Replenishment.
  • Fixed an issue causing the buyer’s Order Details to be blank, only to redisplay when reloading the page.
  • Fixed an issue on split orders causing the shipping address to be multi-select on all splits.
Product Gallery

  • Fixed an issue in the Edit Product modal that was causing single select fields to be empty.

  • Fixed an issue causing delivery windows in linesheets exports to be inconsistently grayed out.

  • Fixed an issue causing a downloaded and unlocked Vertical w/ Replenishments for Deliveries template to show N/A window cells as not grayed out.
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