Brand update: April 2, 2024

In this release, we enhanced Sizing View, product Customizations, Linesheets, Lightspeed Payments, orders, and NuORDER Mobile. 

Sizing View 

We added a Delivery icon for brands using Sizing View in the Working Order, allowing quick grouping and the ability to filter by Delivery. We also renamed instances of the word Shipment to Delivery for a more consistent experience.

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager to implement Sizing View. 

Deliveries mode in Sizing View.

For more information, see Sizing View in the Working Order.

Product Customizations 

Customizations allow you to offer products with adjustable options, such as embroidering text on a backpack, specifying the color of a shirt and its collar, and more. Brands now have the option to include custom options when buyers are configuring text Customizations.

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager if they’re interested in implementing or updating the configuration of product Customizations.

For more information, see Product Customizations and Ordering products with Customizations.


Brands can now enter an image URL for their image separators in Linesheets, using an import or integration.

Note: Alternatively, brands can still add an image separator by using the Entry Options code.

Linesheet import.

For more information, see Add image separators to linesheets and custom lists and Linesheet imports and exports

Lightspeed Payments

Brands using Lightspeed Payments can now accept payments in multiple currencies beyond their legal entity headquarter’s currency. Reach out to our Payments team at to set up this option. Additionally, our NuORDER Mobile app now accommodates ACH Payments for brands offering this payment method.

To improve clarity and user experience, we've also refreshed the UI of the screens for adding a credit card and processing payments.

Note: If you’re at a US domicile brand using Lightspeed Payments and you’d like to offer ACH Payments, contact our Payments team at If you’re interested in using Lightspeed Payments, contact your Account Manager.

For more information, see Review transactions and deposits and ACH Payments for brands.


Selecting the Buyer for an order now automatically populates the Working Order’s Sales Rep field with the Buyer's Default Sales Rep or the Sales Rep setting up the order. Buyer has more than one Sales Rep, then another can be selected if preferred for that order.

Sales Rep.

For more information, see Working Order overview and Manage contacts.

Also, if offered by the brand, users with the New Product Page Experience can use the Product Details page to adjust the quantities of products in their cart for orders sized by one location or by All Locations Combined

Brands can offer this option by going to Settings > Brand Admin > Settings > Inventory Settings. Toggle on Show order quantities in Product Details, and then select Update Preferences.

Note: Any user can update their profile to enable the New Product Page Experience.

For more information, see Order quantities in Product Details.

NuORDER Mobile 

To ensure users are working with the latest offerings, NuORDER Mobile will only provide enhancements for iOS 15 and above. Update your mobile device to iOS 15 or above for an enhanced NuORDER Mobile experience.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing linesheet exports to not function properly when “improve linesheet search performance” preference is turned on.
  • Fixed an issue causing a “signature is not correct” error when importing linesheets/catalogs with special characters.
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Filtering that showed random products outside of the filters criteria and missing products within the filter criteria.
  • Fixed an issue causing importing linesheets/catalogs with certain horizontal/vertical formatting to fail.
Product Gallery

  • Fixed an issue in the product gallery causing a “404 Page not found” error when selecting a product tile.
  • Fixed an issue causing a “500: Product not found (may be archived)” error message for existing products.
  • Improved the performance speed of the Product Details page.

  • Fixed an issue in Sizing View for users that can’t oversell that highlighted Size cells in red for products that don’t track inventory.
  • Fixed an issue causing strikethrough pricing behavior to display in the Working Order for customers without Advanced Pricing enabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing errors in recognizing products in bulk ordering when grouping by delivery.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Company dropdown list to repeatedly show the first 50 companies instead of loading more.
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