Brand update: February 6, 2024

In this release, we introduced Replenishment Recommendations (beta) and a save option in the Working Order’s Sizing View (beta). We also enhanced dynamic filters in Linesheets.

Introducing Replenishment Recommendations (beta)

Replenishment Recommendations (beta) provide NuORDER brands with low inventory insights from Lightspeed Retail POS merchants. Brands can take action with these insights by recommending tailored Draft or EZ Orders as well as placing orders on behalf of buyers. Replenishment Recommendations (beta) help drive sales and strengthen relationships by staying ahead of each buyer’s inventory needs.

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager to see if they’re eligible for the beta version of Replenishment Recommendations.

Replenishment Recommendations.

For more information, see Replenishment Recommendations (beta)

Save your settings in Sizing View (beta)

Personalize your ordering experience with this update to Sizing View (beta)! Build orders with your preferred visible columns, groupings, and sorting, and then save these configurations as a View for future use. Save and reuse as many Views as you want.

Note: Filters and search criteria are not saved, as these often vary for each order.

Brands can contact their Account Manager to see if they’re eligible for the beta version of Sizing View in the Working Order.

Views in Sizing View.

For more information, see Sizing View in the Working Order (beta)

Improvements to dynamic filters in Linesheets

If enabled by the brand, dynamic filters in Linesheets intelligently adapt to your selections, showing only relevant options aligned with your filters. Explore these enhancements to dynamic filtering in Linesheets:

  • When entering text into a filter, auto-complete options display, based on available products from your prior filter selections.
  • As you narrow down your choices, inapplicable options no longer display in the expanded filter menus (even if selected). 
  • At the top of the filter list, you can see all of your selections, including those that may no longer display in the filter menus. Use this new, consolidated display to review and remove filters in a centralized location.

Note: Brands can contact Support to enable adaptive dynamic filters for Linesheets.

Dynamic filters.

For more information, see Product filters.

Additional improvements and fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing some filter options with no product data to display when the Linesheet is using dynamic filtering.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Product Sort value in the exported spreadsheet from updating automatically after making multiple manual changes to the Linesheet’s sorting, separators, and products.

  • Adjusted UI to ensure the full text of the company’s Surcharge Label is visible when hovering over it in Order Details.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from submitting orders with overorder product quantities, even with the correct permissions and settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing overorder highlighting to no longer display after selecting a different Warehouse in the Working Order.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some brands from overriding order rules in the cart.
  • Fixed an issue causing the incorrect total of related orders to display in the alert banner when editing a Split Order.
  • Fixed an issue causing an overorder alert to display, even if the order doesn’t contain over ordered products.
  • Fixed an issue causing the last loaded shipment’s date and ship method to display in Order Details for all other shipments in the same order, even if different.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Order Type field from displaying in the Start Order screen, even when it’s enabled for that brand.

  • Fixed an issue preventing sizing data in assortments (from dataflow mapping) to display correctly when there are spaces in the product data sizes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the correct product price to be shown in strikethrough text for some brands.
  • Developed a configuration option that prevents brands from duplicating products when syncing partial data of inactive replenishments.

  • Enhanced EZ Order emails to support the translation locale of the buyer user, instead of defaulting to the brand user.
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