Brand update: January 9, 2024

In this release, we introduced a new configuration option for brands who want to offer dynamic filtering in Linesheets, as well as added enhancements to the Working Order’s Sizing View (beta).

Dynamic filters in Linesheets

To help users better understand the available product options, brands can now offer adaptive dynamic filters in Linesheets containing over 500 products. If enabled, after selecting a product filter, the remaining filters dynamically adapt, only displaying relevant options aligned with the filter selections.

For example, if Mens is selected in the Gender filter, options (such as Dress, Skirt, etc.) will no longer display in the Category filter if they’re unavailable in Mens. Select more filters to further narrow the list of available options.

Note: Brands can contact Support to enable adaptive dynamic filters.

Dynamic Filter.

For more information, see Product filters.

Sizing View (beta) enhancements

For an improved user experience, we implemented enhancements to the Working Order’s Sizing View (beta). To streamline the visible data, totals for groupings now only display when the group contains more than one row.  We also relocated the action menus (kebab icons) to the right of the screen and made them continuously available as you scroll from right to left. 

Note: Brands can contact their Account Manager to see if they’re eligible for the beta version of Sizing View in the Working Order.

Sizing View.

For more information, see Sizing View in the Working Order (beta).

Additional improvements and fixes

Advanced Pricing

  • Fixed an issuing causing the bulk order total price to display as a line item price after editing an order using Bulk Ordering and Advanced Pricing.

  • Fixed an issue causing a misalignment of the preview image in the product customization screen for some brands.

  • Updated standard email footers to align with current NuORDER by Lightspeed styles.
  • Fixed an issue causing the default email notification to be sent instead of the custom email template for some brands using image integration.
Linesheets (aka Catalogs)

  • Fixed an issue causing HTML <br> tags to not render as line breaks in downloaded Linesheet PDFs.

  • Fixed an issue causing a discrepancy between an order’s subtotals and item totals when using a company discount and promotion for some brands.
  • Fixed an issue causing some buyers to be able to view orders with restricted access.
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect discount values to display on some Split Orders.
  • Fixed an issue causing some hidden custom order fields to display on the Working Order.
  • Fixed an issue causing some disabled  custom order fields to display on the Orders page.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the order’s Surcharge from being applied to all the related Split Orders.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the overridden wholesale price from displaying in the Working Order’s Change View summary for some brands.

  • Fixed an issue allowing brands to create duplicate sizes for a product.

  • Corrected an in-app German translation for canceled orders.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the full translation of some template emails for buyers with a profile locale other than English.
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