November 9th: NuORDER 4.0 Refresher Course


The NEW NuORDER 4.0 is filled with the most important updates yet!!! This is a refresh webinar to walk you through 4.0 functionality and apply it your business right away.


ABOUT: Missed the other 4.0 webinars? No problem! This webinar will cover the functionality updates 4.0 is brining and give you important best practices and use case scenarios so you can quickly take advantage. We will not only be walking through what this update has to offer, but give you real life examples of how to put these features in to play.


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:

- Ideas for Campaigns and use case scenarios

- Promotions and best practices with highlighting product

- Line sheets and cover page best practices

- How do custom sheets change current process and use case scenarios

- Sending live links direct to products and best practices

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