NuORDER 4.0 - Preparing for the Launch

Prepping for NuORDER 4.0! Review the launch prep checklist to make sure you have everything enabled to take advantage of the new 4.0 features as soon as it launches!


ABOUT: Our much anticipated launch is any day now! The new 4.0 NuORDER brings you amazing interface and functionality enhancements as well as brand new features that you will want to take advantage of as soon as it goes live. This webinar will cover a “checklist" of prep suggestions you need to review to ensure you have everything loaded and prepared for the go live. These best practice suggestions are crucial to taking advantage of what is changing!


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:

- Smart Groups & Company Types

- Thumbnails & Color Swatches

- Zoom & High Res Images

- Thumbnail customizations & Filter

- Line sheet banners

- Line sheet topics for campaigns

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