How do I view / hide inactive products?

Brand users will be able to view both active and inactive products in the product gallery. This allows the brand users to arrange products before they are displayed to their team and buyers. The 'Status' Filter is used to view if products are active/inactive.

If you select "ALL" in the Status filter, you will be able to view all active and inactive products. This will also include products that are currently hidden by any inventory settings that you have turned on in admin. For example, if you turned on "hide sold out products", then those hidden products will also display in the "ALL" filter.


If you select "Inactive" in the Status filter, you will be able to view inactive products. 

Inactive products will have an Inactive banner across the products in the gallery:

*** Please note: The "inactive" filter will only display products that is currently labeled with a "Y" in the "disabled" field of the product data file. 




If you do not want to see Inactive products, you can filter the gallery using the Status filter  or you may click on "ACTIVE" to view only the active products:



  *** Please note: The ability for sales managers and sales reps to have the Status filter visible is at the discretion of the brand. A brand's admin can reach out to to make these changes.


For Brand Admin Users:

If you want to manually change whether a product is Active / Inactive, this must be done in NuORDER Brand Admin settings by an Admin user.

 Choose Settings --> Brand Admin --> Product Gallery --> Select 'Enable' 


Once the Enable Tab is selected, the brand admin can search for styles and toggle the button underneath the styles. 'YES' = Active / 'No' = Inactive

Make sure to click 'Save All Changes' button, on the top right of your screen to apply changes. 

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