How to Manage the Media Tab

The Media tab allows brands to highlight 4 categories: Gallery, Press, Videos, and Assets.

You are able to use more marketing tools and engagement with your buyers. Buyers can find the MEDIA tab under WHOLESALE. 

In order to add and edit to your MEDIA you will access this through your ADMIN tab:


You are able to manage this media with 4 categories (Gallery, Press, Video, and Assets):

GALLERY: This is where you can add look books and product hotspots. This is where You can see your items in use in catalogues or marketing materials and the hotspot links will direct to the option for buyers to purchase out of available inventory. You are also able to place images and create albums for seasons, promotions, or highlights and name as you see fit.


1. Images and Gallery (pencil): Will allow you to edit the current media you have listed 
here and the ability to drop and images and sort if your preferred order. 2. Hotspots: allows you to edit and the hotspot will link directly to your product gallery
description of the item.

PRESS: Most brands utilize this to show marketing materials such as where their brands have been featured and you can create hotspots on images that represent your brand.


VIDEO: You are able to upload video files. URLs will not come across if trying to share videos that are on YouTube or other online media.

ASSETS: These documents can be PDFs, images, or "extras" including items you want to share with all of your buyers. Only PDFs are able to be uploaded here or .zip files


Ensure you save all of your uploads and updated information where prompted.




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