How do I create a Smart Group?

Navigate to the Smart Groups section of NuORDER under Campaigns > Create a Smart Group




Fixed contact group:

- This group will allow you to manually add specific buyers to your list. Therefore, it is strictly based upon your search and not based on the filters.

- You may also manually remove any unwanted buyers from your fixed group by clicking on "X" next to the buyer. 



Smart contact group:

- This group will allow you to add buyers based upon the filter option from the side. 

- This is useful when you have regional reps that you would like to create groups based upon different states or zip codes or countries. 

- You can also type a sales rep's email address in the search box to filter for that rep's buyers only.




Note: You can also create a new Smart or Fixed Group via the View Contact Groups > Create Contact Group button.


You will be presented with a 'Create New Contact Group' window. From there you may select the SmartGroup to either be Fixed or Smart.

See this article for differences between Fixed & Smart Groups.


You will be taken to the relative Contact Group pages above.





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