Become a Pro at NuORDER 4.0 - Linesheets and Recommendations

Line sheets and Recommendations have been revamped and are more powerful than ever with 4.0! See in action all the enhancements and learn the details around what is changing for the better!


ABOUT: You can now download line sheets direct from NuORDER with out emails…………Yes, you heard correct! This webinar will cover all details around the new 4.0 line sheets as well as explain what custom lists are and how they differ from recommendations. We will walk you through how to build both line sheets and custom lists faster than ever, as well as how to utilize best practices to ensure you are efficient and effective. Don’t miss the session!


Some Topics That Will Be Covered:


- Downloading the PDF without sending

- How to create a line sheet and use

- Custom Lists vs. Recommendations

- How to create a custom list

- Mass blasting

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